Tuesday had a few new adventures. Still using my Canon 6D for many of these photos. It has really helped remind me how much I like using that camera. The whole reason why I saved so I could buy it in the first place. So far the family is still ok with all of my picture taking. I may or may not be bribing them with gummy bears.


Sister walk first thing in the morning. We walk 2 miles twice a week. My sister recently moved closer to me and being able to walk in the morning with her is amazing. She really is my best friend.


This view is great inspiration for our walk back. The light in the morning is a breath of fresh air compared to the dark.


Quick breakfast while I sit down to edit and post photos of the previous day. Trying to post the night before is just too stressful. I like to work on personal projects in the mornings.



There is a Benjamin in there.


Caught him reading a book. He has taken more interest in reading the past couple of months. So much better than the beginning of the year. We owe a lot to a great reading teacher at school.


Oops there he is again.


Nicholas, Audrey and I walking to the bus stop. Sometimes we take the puppies however we were running out the door this morning.


On the bus. Nicholas, Audrey and a neighbor boy all share the same seat on the bus. Three Musketeers.


Ben’s turn to eat breakfast. Frozen waffles again.


Someone left the gate open. These two can spot a hole to escape faster than Nicholas can eat gummy bears.


My lunch today is broccoli slaw, hard boiled egg, and some chicken sausage. Watermelon on the side. [still need to clean the floor]


This photo is way more than pretty flowers. When this table is clean I feel refreshed when I walk in the house. It’s an inviting space just waiting for meals, crafting and homework. I try each night to have this table cleared off so when I walk out in the morning my day starts off on the right foot. It’s the little things.



Here is what I have been listening to. At work I listen to Spotify focus playlists. This is my favorite, Deep Focus. When I am cleaning the house, driving around town and mowing the lawn I listen to podcasts. Here are just a few of what I am listening to.


On my way back to work before I have to leave early to get Nicholas for a doctors appointment.


Picked up Nicholas early just after school. He has had a sore wrist after crashing on his scooter a week ago. It’s now time to have it looked at.


He is more willing today for me to take his picture.


Waiting for the doctor.


Waiting at the next doctor to have x-rays done. He got a fancy wrist brace that he uses as “armor”. I’m not a doctor however when I saw the x-rays it looks pretty clear that his wrist is broken.


Dinner is a new recipe. Pasta, broccoli, chicken sausage, garlic and Parmesan cheese. Made enough for dinner and plenty for lunch the next day.


This is a picture of my 8 year old who has a sore wrist. The picture is an out-take of him dancing. I just quickly clicked the shutter and captured this great expression.


Spotify has many interesting songs that include lyrics for video games. I usually don’t like to listen to them so today he played Kids Bop 28. There was lots of dancing. Andrew and Ben headed off to Boy Scouts. During the week we have a no tv rule so many times music is playing. Both boys enjoy dancing and it’s fun to watch them dance without reservations.


New location more laundry.


Homework time. And, we got the call that his wrist is broken.


Ice cream and a book. Always with a book.

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