Here we go.

WAKE UP: 4:40am for a 30 minute walk. The light in the morning is so nice. This is a new routine trying to get up each week day morning. Thinking about running another half marathon.

Super excited to be documenting my Week in the Life™ along with Ali Edwards.

According to this little space on the internet this is the only project I have completed, along with a couple partially completed December Daily® albums. This week is going to look quite a bit different than last year’s week. The kids are in school instead of summer camp and my sister just moved closer to me so they are a part of our daily routine. Already I see so many changes in the boys and how much they have grown in less than a year. Looking forward to capturing this week and how our lives are different and the same.

I carried my Canon 6D around with me today along with my selfie stick. It made for some interesting shots of our life. When I pulled the big camera out of my purse at the grocery store, Ben said, “Oh, it must be Week in the Life.” Then he just rolled with it and let me take pictures of him. At 11 years old he gets me and my desire to document our lives.


BREAKFAST: After Andrew and I did a Whole30 in January I have been trying to keep some of the habits alive. Eggs and sauted broccoli slaw. [need to clean the floor]


Audrey arrived at 6:30am with Bruno. She is very much a creature of habit. Always Smores Krave for breakfast. She also always sits on the arm of the bench.


Ben is up he has a few frozen waffles. Morning are not his thing.


Hello Bruno. Good thing you are so cute because your bark is really annoying. Bruno is Audrey’s puppy and we have the sister Zoey. They are mini Pinscher Dachshunds. Bruno got the Dachshund and Zoey got the Pinscher.


Because we don’t get home until 5:30-6pm most nights we fit Viola practice in during our morning routine. Some mornings it’s a struggle with getting the 20 minutes in. I love that his school has music class every day.


Most mornings Andrew can be found on the computer.


I can’t believe how dirty the washing machine is. Trying to make running one load of laundry a habit so I don’t have to do any on the weekends. Today went well.


I’m so glad these two have each other to hang out with during the day. They play, fight and wrestle just like any other siblings.


Just because she is so cute.


This is the only thing blooming in my yard right now.


Ben’s bus arrives around 8:15am and depending on the day both Andrew and I are here to see him off. He still lets us hug him goodbye.


He likes to wait to see the bus come down the hill then run to his bus stop.


Most mornings we ride to work together. It’s nice to have the time together for just 5-7 minutes before getting to work to discuss our day.


It’s a habit to always pop an Altoid on the way to work, oh who am I kidding, every time we get in the van. These are my favorite.


Working on the long to do list.


Lunch is a protein bar, apple and almond butter. I’m tracking my food right now as a strive for some weight goals. The Whole30 really got me started and I am just 10 pounds from my goal. A Granny Smith apple and Trader Joe’s almond butter is my favorite snack.


These bushes are still growing. The sun is out and I eat most lunches outside. The warm sun and scroll through Instagram, resets me before heading back to the office.


More laundry.


Ben gets picked-up first. I enjoy the time together for him to recap his day, review any homework he has and general chit chat.


Nicholas isn’t as excited about the camera being out when he gets in. That is a genuine smile I have. I could feel it as I took the picture. These guys make me smile and laugh everyday. The challenge of being a mother is real and completely worth it. Love this crew.


Nicholas and Andrew headed to Cub Scouts so Ben and I went grocery shopping. He always has a book. Reading is such a passion that is gets in the way of other activities such as eating. He just finished reading Harry Potter in about two weeks. I knew he would love them. This book on the seat next to him I have been trying to get him to read for a couple years. Finally he picked it up and is enjoying it.


I told him we needed to be home by 7pm so we could watch the baseball game. He took the list and started working on the produce while I waited at the deli counter. Here he is picking our a red bell pepper.


5 chicken 5 picante then there is Audrey who likes just the noodles with some butter.


Trying some new to me Chicken Sausage. They were delicious. Trying out dinner rolls for sandwiches in lunches because the boys don’t like regular bread sandwiches.


Laundry and baseball to end the night.


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