Week in the Life | Monday Photos and Words

So glad to be embarking on Ali Edwards | Week in the Life project. I attempted this last year and got through a couple days but my system fell apart and couldn’t pull it back together. I’m inspired to capture our week because the boys are growing so fast and I want to document our routines and habits. We are still in summer so our routine is a bit different than during the school year.

Photos are captured with a Canon 6D and iphone 6.


We are dog sitting for my sister while she and the family are on vacation. Nicholas is taking very good care of Rambo.


Drop off at Day Camp. The boys have done a bit of everything this summer for care. Ben has done overnight camp for a week, Nicholas has summer school and care at the Y. Glad to be finishing at one location before school starts. At one point I was dropping off kids at 3 locations. [I help with the nieces]


Andrew and I both work at the same organization and usually we drive together but today he had to be out at a site. That is him in the rear view mirror.I don’t spend much time in the car because we live only a couple miles from the office. Yes, we are truly blessed.


Have about 150 emails to get through from being on vacation last week. I don’t mind it, it was a great trip to McCall, ID with my boys, sister, nieces and parents. [Sorry Andrew and Shaun you couldn’t join us]

The Starbucks drink is not a typical purchase but first day back from vacation sounded like a good idea. It’s a Caramel Frappuccino Light.


Quick Facetime call with Rylee. She is the funnies to talk on Facetime with, she walks around everywhere and shows me all her toys and the view. [they are on vacation]


I don’t love this photo and it might not make it in the album but the story is I come home for lunch most days and I get to sit in the sun before going back to work. Recharges my battery for the last part of the day.


Snapped a picture of Rambo during lunchtime. We’ll miss him when he goes home. He doesn’t like it when I call him when it’s time for me to head back to work. [Keeping it real with the extension cord and bits of construction]


All three of these plants came home with me on the same day but clearly only one is thriving. I still have hopes when the weather cools a bit the other two will bounce back.


Pick-up photo of the boys and me. Favorite time of the day.


After being gone for a week we had to stop at the store for dinner and lunch items for the week. Nicholas, helped push the cart and picked-out his favorite lunch items. [pepperoni, crackers, popcorn, cheese, strawberries]


Ben helped sliced the tomatoes. Knife handling is a newer skill for him. Really appreciated the help.


Love this photo, Andrew was working late so it was just the three of us. Simple dinner of hamburgers and Doritos. [Boys had to agree on one bag of chips to share, they chose Spicy Street Taco Doritos]

Camera battery died so taken with iphone.


Nicholas helped to walk Rambo. Ben played with Rambo. [dictated by Nicholas while I typed]

Walking Rambo is a lovely evening activity, we go for a quick walk around the block. Gets us out of the house before settling down for the night. Nicholas took charge of walking Rambo. The conversations were fun and natural. Great way to connect with my boys. I envision a puppy soon.


Beautiful way to end the day and our walk.

>>Notes: I went through the post quickly and then reread the captions and added to the story. Wanting more details. I can see how each day will tell different stories even while doing the same routines.

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