The photos are getting less and less… I mean a lot less. I’m stretching the few I took on Saturday to add in this post.
But, they are all a part of my day so document I will.


I love waking early on Saturday (and Sunday) to hop on the computer to be creative. That means reading blog posts from the week, playing with photos, watching videos from classes, and catching up on personal email.

I also like to plan my day by getting laundry started and picking things up around the house.


Nicholas had been asking all week for McDonald’s for breakfast because he had seen an ad about the double sausage mcmuffin. So I said yes. I didn’t get one.


Cleaning. The floors were in need of some serious attention.


Random art taped to the wall. These in particular were countdowns for the last month of school. Might be time to take down with school starting in a couple weeks. Finding these random bit of art around the house makes me smile. No it’s not ideal with tape but I want to encourage them to be proud of their art and share with the family.


There are no words for this photo. Mess, shovel, garbage can are a few that come to mind. About a year ago Nicholas moved into Ben’s bedroom and we turned Nicholas’ room into the playroom. No playing has happened in this room for 6 months. The sad thing is Nicholas still has to get in the room to get dressed. This is the project for the weekend.


I made significant progress on this room today. It’s not finished but so much better.


Much deserved relaxing time. I can tell the summer is coming to an end so I’m enjoying the last warm days.


Time with Rambo before heading out to dinner.


His: Bloody Mary | Hers: Moscow Mule


I’m still not sure how both boys were invited to the same house for a sleepover. Dinner out, grown-up drinks and a baseball game. That is my perfect date night with the perfect guy.

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