Week in the Life™ | Tuesday Photos and Words

Here we are at Tuesday. Thought I captured a few different items today and bit more details about our life. Starting to think about using a prompt for a couple of days. Also planning on capturing an hour by hour look at my day on Thursday. Wish me luck.


Eating breakfast. Krave for Ben and Cinnamon Toast Crunch for Nicholas. Again, Ben has a book.


Lunch for the boys at day camp. Even though the camp offers free lunch they prefer I make it. I’ve found they like bits of items rather then a large sandwich. Usually we have a vegetable but the entire refrigeration system at our local grocery store was out when I went shopping so I had to get creative.

This week I am only making two lunches however during the summer I also make lunches for Jennifer and Audrey. [they are on vacation this week]


Daily selfie shot driving to camp.

Still have a mess from the vacation last week.


Favorite shot of the day.

Working on my sun flare technique.


Kids have to bring a snack each day and write their name on the outside.


We snuck away after only an hour at work to grab a Harvest Powerbar and Starbucks. This is not a typical occurrence but one of the perks of working with your husband at the same organization.


Grande Caramel Frappuccino Light for me and Grande Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato for him,


View at lunch in my backyard. Working on the sun flares. This tree is only one of two trees in our yard. It is beautiful.


Every business should have an Inspiration Room. Several meetings in here today.


Nicholas and I had a quick dinner while Ben and Andrew went on a bike ride. Simple toasted cheese with apples for me and toasted cheese and left over Doritos for Nicholas.


Laundry, I can wash, dry and fold like the wind. By loose my steam when it’s time to put it all away. Working on one load at a time.


During the summer I live in flip flops. These are Old Navy and I have them in about 5 colors.

Another shot of Rambo.


Rambo, has been such a joy to have around this week.


Nicholas and I took Rambo on his walk.


Awesome tree we drive by each day. Makes me want to build a tree house.


Lagging behind to take photos of nature. Allowing Nicholas to get a bit ahead of me and encourage some independence.


From our front yard.


Finally time to tackle cleaning the van from vacation. So I might have packed two bags of craft and scrap booking supplies. Why? Because I truly thought I would want to craft some or work on our Yellowstone Vacation album. Instead I made loom band bracelets with Audrey and Rylee and sat by the pool with the boys.


I had to take this shot to get the next one.


Oh how I love you, Nicholas. You challenge me everyday. We argue and love fiercely. I’ll look back on these years and remember your stubbornness, passion and heart. They will guild you to do great things.

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