Week in the Life – Day 2


My original thought about day 2 was a bit disappointing but then as I scrolled through my photos I saw the bits of today that were important. It really was a great day. The Ali Edwards worksheets are necessary for my success in capturing more details. I forgot my printout at home and was completely thrown off for the day. However when I started to think back on my day and look at the photos I was able to remember a lot of the details.

Several stories to capture presented themselves, all in all today was our life on Tuesday.

Number of photos – 44 dslr | 13 iphone

I used my iphone for most of the day but finished strong with my DSLR and then the best thing happened… the boys picked up the camera and took some shots. Of course I added them as part of the story of today.


Awe yes, the Target gift guide has arrived.


Early to work 7:00am


Off to a meeting | Listened to Paperclipping Roundtable podcast


Quick snack at Qudoba before meeting | Skipped lunch so I could pick the boys up early


Totally worth the skipped meal to see these guys an hour early


Nicholas had a dance party listening to music from Wreck it Ralph.


Watching the World Series Game 6 | Kansas City won 10-0 over San Francisco


Ben took this picture | we are a baseball family


We all love to see daddy when he gets home | Photo by Ben


Minecraft is a huge part of Ben’s story | Photo by Ben


Why I go to work early T,W,Th | Why my coffee tastes better when Andrew makes it | Our 1 hr of tv a night routine | Baseball family | Story of why Andrew learned baseball

Some of these stories will make it into this week of documenting and some will be saved for a different story format. These are all just bits of things I thought about during my day.


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