Week in the Life™ | Wednesday Photos and Words

Hello Wednesday. Here we go.


Cereal again for breakfast. They don’t venture out much and when I have bought other boxes on request they go uneaten. Krave and Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the win.


Daily on the way to camp selfie. Yeah dad is with us this morning.


Because it’s Wednesday it’s coffee day.


Brought my breakfast to work today. Was a bit hectic getting out the door.


Our office is an open space with cubicles so headphones are a must if you want to concentrate on a project. I listen to a lot of Spotify. Currently my favorite play list is Relax & Unwind.


On to a meeting


Do you have pretty furniture in your meeting spaces?


Mid afternoon beverage. This is not an everyday occurrence.


Andrew grabbed the boys while I tried to get a shot of them walking out. Nicholas hid from the camera.


Nicholas typically gets the mail.


Ben left his teddy bear while on vacation last week and the friendly people at the resort mailed it to him. He was so excited.

Still working on getting vacation bits put away.

Nicholas plays a little on the computer.


Face Time with Rylee – hello sweet girl.

See all the bikes in our living space? These are just temporary homes while Andrew is rebuilding our carport.


Ben, you are one of a kind. A kind heart, old soul. I’m really enjoying this stage in our relationship, you are venturing out a bit but still check in. You have a lot of friends and I like having them over. You are really into video games and mythology.


That’s what I like to see.


Getting ready to walk Rambo.


We walk by this mirror every night and it just occurred to me to take a picture in it.


Hello sun flare.


Play with some toys before bed. The boys only have one hour of technology time after day camp so I try to participate and not spend time at my computer. [lead by example] sorry for the foot shot.


This is actually a shot from Monday however I didn’t get the photo until today. Ben just got a new bike that is more his size and he wanted to go on a ride with Andrew. They went to a local park and were gone several hours.


Goodnight Nicholas and Rambo.


Another shot.

Feeling confident about completely this project. Tomorrow I’m documenting hour by hour using the Ali Edwards worksheets.

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