Week in the Life™ | Thursday Photos and words

I did it! I tracked each hour today. What I didn’t do is get a photo every hour. It was a great exercise to really see where my time goes. One thing missing from each of my mornings is a 5am walk. I took a break this week, not really sure why.

5:53am – woke up – I could tell it had rained over the night because our windows were open and it smelled wonderful. We’ve had one of the hottest summers in years and the rain felt great.

6:00am – on the computer with Andrew before the boys woke up, off to a shower

7:00am – making lunches and breakfast, getting kids moving through morning routine (it’s a bit up for grabs on what that routine really is right now but getting dressed with breakfast is a win.)


Eggs and sausage for breakfast


Nicholas is getting Ben his eggs


8:00am – drop off at day camp

8:11am – pull into work


Hello, rain puddle.


9:00am – Working on a big project at work >> finished (on to the next)

10:00am – Meetings

11:00am – More meetings

Noon – Hand addressing envelopes for big celebration at work. Jimmy John’s for lunch (#4, no mayo, add peppers with a Diet Coke)


1:00pm – Home to let Rambo out and have a little rest.

2:00pm – At desk answering emails and reviewing notes from earlier meetings.

3:00pm – EMAILS!! (got it down to 2)

4:00pm – Leaving work a little early to surprise the boys with an earlier pick-up.


Because I was early I had them get this picture with me. They are such good sports with this project. The photo above was the last try I promised, so I laid down to get the focus correct.


5:00pm – Play outside with Rambo


Rambo doesn’t like to walk on our laminate floors, so he is confined to a patch of carpet in the living room. We carry him in and out.


6:00pm – I decided not to buy groceries this week so we had smoothies for dinner. Frozen yogurt, frozen fruit, milk, honey


The messier the better. Maybe I shouldn’t be wearing white?


His and hers. Mine has blackberries his doesn’t.

7:00pm – Computer time, working on blog

8:00pm – Still on computer, watching the new Story Kit and stamp content for Build.

9:00pm – Andrew fell asleep (closer to 8pm) so Nicholas crawled into bed with him and watched tv. Ben, Rambo and I slept on the couches.


Ben is telling me about all the Dude diary books he wants. He usually doesn’t use my computer but the important thing is that I listened.


He gets this project and even likes to watch me type the captions each day.


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