December Daily | Day One

I’m keeping my pages very simple this year. Just focusing on one story a day. If there happens to be more than one then I’ll save one of those for a day that might be a bit hectic – you know the ones. I used my pen tablet to write 2014 Advent Calendar and typed the journaling. Used a few of the puffy dots and a stamp to complete the page.

Journaling reads

The funny story about this advent calendar is it’s been hanging in our hallway for 3 years and never been used. I don’t mean we take it put it up each year and take it down; I really mean it has been hanging in the hallway year-round. Not this year. Our elf visited on the first day with movie passes for the weekend. I’m going to enjoy watching the boys look for their little surprise each day. Our elf is very inconsistent in his gift giving; sometimes he has to give two or more days at a time. Hope this tradition lasts for years to come.




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