Week in the Life™ | Friday Photos and words

I’m on the home stretch. Fewer photos each day but I’m still amazed at how many I am taking.


Went out to one of our branches and both Andrew and I were on the same conference call. [sad, bad photo]


I’ll say it again, there are way more Starbucks’ photos than typical this week.


Lunch with our friend, Ron. Spicy chicken


Tried to get another angle in my cubicle. I don’t use the cubicle term in the bad sense, I have had larger spaces and all I did was collect stuff. I like my space.


Surprise! Early morning work means leave work early for a surprise early pick-up. We headed off on a walk with Rambo. I was kind of surprised how excited they were.







Nicholas loves trains, Ben not so much.



Then we ordered pizza. In an effort to limit my slices of pizza [because if we ordered a Cowboy…] I let the boys order half each.


It started off as a full Hawaiian on our walk but then turned into this. It wasn’t bad but I only ate one of each half. Win.

Nicholas: Pepperoni, sausage, jalapeno, and bacon

Ben: Canadian bacon, mushroom, olive, and pineapple


Too bad he doesn’t have thumbs. The rest of the night I folded socks and laundry.

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