Week in the Life – DAY 1

This year I am embarking on a week long journey into our lives by documenting our week through pictures and words. Ali Edwards is the creator of the Week in the Life project, so “Thank you, Ali”

I purchased the Week in the Life kit from Ali’s shop and it’s beautiful. The album I chose was the grey album with kit. There are still a few kit’s left (without the album) if you still want to grab one.


During the week I will be sharing photos and story ideas here while adding post-it notes to my album to help with planning layouts next week when I hit print on everything and pull it all together.

Number of Photos – Sarah – 50 all DSLR | Andrew – 1 Phone

One of my main goals this week is to take more photos with my DSLR. I have been a bit lazy and using my phone. I stuffed my DSLR in my purse and took it to work.



Morning coffee and reading


Lunches for the boys | also includes chips and CapriSun

Getting one last piece of toast | do you see the construction around the window? | just keeping it real


Getting ready for the bus


Have a good day.


Desk at work


Lunch and more reading


Mid day beverage


Ready to get the boys


Listening to Netflix


Nothing like twister in an Iron Patriot costume at Pack Meeting


Decorated for Halloween with Nicholas


Why I wake up without an alarm | What the boys like to take for lunches | Team workout | Lunch with Andrew at home most days | Cub Scouts | Homework ritual | Bed time routine | Blogs I’m reading right now

I won’t write all these stories just for Monday but could be starters throughout the week if I take fewer photos or the days don’t lend themselves to stories.

So far today was manageable. I took more photos than I thought I would and kept track of my day by keeping the worksheets (from Ali) with me. I might have set reminders for the morning with my fitbit…one way or another I’ll justify the purchase.


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